R. Michal Odum


Rachel and baby

About Rachel

Rachel is a musician and songwriter who sang and played guitar in a bluegrass band with her three sisters for several years. All that changed quickly when she got married and started a family of her own. She has always dreamed of two things: being a mom and writing books. It is difficult to do those two things at the same time, but with all the books on her to-write list, let’s hope that she has the opportunity to delight many readers to come!

David Odum

editor, publisher, ghost writer, web designer

About David

I teamed up with Rachel when I married her, and now we are putting new meaning in our marriage by taking our teamwork to a whole new level! She is the author, and I am most everything else: editor, web designer, and publisher, along with some ghost writing here and there (epic battle scene, anyone?).

Running a side business can be hard work when you work full time, as I found out with Computer Paramedic. Now that I have stopped accepting most computer repair calls, however, I have more time to invest in my wife’s writing, teaching my children about Christ, and filling in whenever my church needs a stuttering preacher behind the pulpit.